Most definitely.

Our weight loss program is the result of research and development dating back to 2006, and is very effective for most people as long as it is used properly, according to the directions.

If you're wondering how it could possibly work, it's all about adjusting the reasons why the person is overweight so that they no longer do the things that make them overweight because the reasons for those actions and responses have been removed. Science is currently stuck in the idea that weight gain must be a physical cause only, and largely ignores the fact that the subconscious mind is the control panel for the body.

My own efforts at creating an effective weight loss subliminal have shown me that the true reasons for issues with weight are almost entirely mental and emotional: mental in terms of faulty beliefs that act as programming for the subconscious mind, and emotional because the subconscious is deeply focused in the emotions, and is therefore largely irrational. It can and does execute as true anything it has accepted as true.

That means that most people who have significant weight issues are actually expressing emotional traumas through their weight. For instance, it is common for women to be overweight after having been raped, as a defense against being raped again; the logic is that if she is not "too attractive", she won't be targeted for rape. I have encountered people who were overweight because they were terrified of going to hell because they had sexual desires at all, people who were overweight because they were constantly being treated as emotional garbage dumps by those around them, those who were overweight because they were caught in a feedback loop of emotional discomfort > seek comfort > eat > gain weight > become uncomfortable because of how others treated them for being overweight > seek comfort > eat. I have met people who were overweight because they were caught between a fear based rock and a hard place, where they were subconsciously afraid of (X) and (not X). Some people are overweight because they're so amazingly lazy. Some are too emotionally immature. Others gain and remain overweight as a means of resisting others telling them what to do. And so on. Most people have a complex web of these reasons working against them all at once.

In the end, weight issues are very complex, and everyone will have a slightly different reason or set of reasons for being overweight. My weight loss program takes a unique approach to changing the subconscious programming that allows for the vast majority of people to benefit and lose a significant amount of weight, in many cases actually achieving their ideal weight entirely through the use of the program.