If you're happy with the size your breasts are currently, then you should not!

However, many women desire larger or sometimes smaller breasts because of one or more of the following reasons.

Breast size increase is commonly desired because...

* It will get a woman more interest and attention from men.
* It will get a woman more respect and acceptance from other women.
* It will allow a woman to make more money. (Waitresses, bartenders, exotic dancers, career women, etc. almost always benefit financially from having larger breasts.)
* It sometimes opens up career advancement opportunities.
* It often will make a woman feel better about herself as a woman.
* She may desire the ability to produce more milk.
* She may want to be more physically or sexually attractive to her lover.

Breast size decrease is commonly desired because...

* She may be getting too much attention and interest from men.
* Her breasts may cause her back aches and pains.
* She may find that her breast size limits her ability to accomplish some desired activity or goal.

If one or more of these apply to you, it may be worth changing your breast size using our breast enlargement or reduction subliminal.