In every case where a man runs Sex Magnet and does not have sex as a result, the reason will fall into one of three categories.

1. He did not follow the instructions. This might include not running the entire Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set first, not using the program consistently, not using it enough hours every day, or not using it for long enough.

2. He chose not to have sex with any of the females who were available. The program is designed to cause the user to auto-reject certain types of women for sex, including those who have an STD and those who are attempting to emasculate him, use him or otherwise take advantage of or mistreat him in the process. A man might also choose not to have sex with any of the women who step forward for other reasons as well.

3. He is too afraid of (or, angry with, resentful of, etc.) women or sex to allow himself to have sex when it is offered or available. It is common for virgins and inexperienced men to have this issue. We recommend that such men run Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear and/or Woman Magnet 2.0 or higher before Sex Magnet to help with this issue.