How do I put subliminals on my iPad, iPhone, or other iOS device?

We get this one a lot, and unfortunately there are only two real solutions. Apple purposely locked up both their browser (Safari) and their music player (iTunes) to be incompatible with obtaining music anywhere outside of their music store to maximize profit. Unfortunately there's no direct way to circumvent this.

The preferred option:

#1- Download the subliminal using a computer with iTunes. Use the "sync" feature, or manually transfer the subliminal to your iOS device. It can be any computer that can run iTunes, which includes both Mac and Windows machines. This is the preferred method because it allows you to use iTunes to play your subliminals.

The "no computer" option:

#2- Go to the App Store and download "MP3 Music Downloader Free". There are alternatives to this app, but this one is the most widely used.

Open up the app, and log in to your subliminal-shop account usings its built in "Browser" tab (instead of Safari). Access your order(s) and when tapping the MP3 link, the app will ask you if you want to download the file. Press yes, type in the name of the file (Product, Stage #, Masked or Ultrasonic) and give it some time to download. Once downloaded, go to "Downloads" tab and tap the music file. It will open in the "Audio Player" tab where you can adjust the volume for or without earphones. It is a well-featured audio player and the subliminal can be set to loop infinitely by tapping the top-left circle icon till it indicates a "1" (loop just this 1 mp3).

If the ads on this app bother you, they can be disabled for 99 cents to the author.