Anything that results in a transfer of value without equal and fair value being returned.

If you purchase a subliminal from us, and you make a copy on your computer, a copy on your iPhone, a copy on your iPad, a copy on your iPod, and a copy on a CD for backup, we consider that fair use as long as all of those copies you paid for remain in your possession only. That will not trigger the copy protection.

If you play a copy of the program that only exists in your possession, in a room in your house or a vehicle, in which others are exposed, that is also fair use, as long as you are being exposed and they do not have a copy of the program. That would not trigger the copy protection.

If you buy a copy of a program, and someone else is consistently using it while you are not being exposed, that is not fair use. A person other than the owner is getting value from the program, and that would trigger the copy protection.

If you give a copy to someone else, upload a copy to a pirate site, download a pirated copy, distribute a pirated copy or use a pirated copy - the copy protection will be triggered.

If you knowingly allow a pirate copy of your legal copy to be made by someone else, it will trigger the copy protection.

If you purchase a copy of a program for someone else, give them that copy, and then retain a copy for yourself, it will trigger the copy protection. But if you delete all copies in your possession upon giving that copy to someone else, it will not.

The copy protection is designed to trigger if the program is benefitted from in a situation where fair value is not being returned for fair value. If you're benefitting from the program, the only time it will not trigger the copy protection is if:

1. You paid for the program, and have retained all copies for your own use.
2. You transferred a copy you paid for without keeping any copies for yourself or anyone else.
3. You are exposed to a copy that was paid for, without having a copy yourself.
4. You have not made, distributed, used, downloaded, or knowingly allowed anyone else to make, distribute, use their own copy of or download the program without having paid for that copy.

If you want to use a program of mine, you should pay for what you want to use.