No. In fact, I specifically designed the stop smoking program in such a way that it is actually better for you to smoke as normal while you use it. You see, one of the biggest causes for failure in quitting smoking is stress. Stress triggers cravings, and cravings trigger stress. This feedback loop can eventually overcome even the strong willed smoker trying to quit.

My program is designed to be used while you smoke as normal because this eliminates the stress of trying to quit, as well as the stress of fear of failure, and the fear of the dreaded side effects of trying to quit - irritability, stress, anger, anxiety, weight gain, hunger, failure, etc.

When you are not consciously trying to quit smoking, you have none of these stresses, and none of the fears. Thus, no stress. Then the program works its magic and eventually helps you de-stress and remain calm while in stressful situations and also while it weans you off the nicotine and the social hypnosis that triggers the withdrawal symptoms even after the nicotine is gone, slowly and gently.

In the end, the process is effortless because there is no stress, and by the time you have quit, you have purged all the false, limiting, damaging social hypnosis and beliefs that created 90% of the problem in the first place, while being free of nicotine physically.

So when you use my stop smoking subliminal, relax: it will do the heavy lifting for you. Smoke as much as you like along the way. Just be sure to use it 8+ hours a day, every day, for at least 6 months.