This seems to be a common thing, that people discover brainwave entrainment and are so amazed by it that they want to use it far too much, and/or too often.

Here are some safe usage guidelines that have been found to work for me.

1. Don't use any one program more than one hour per day.
2. Don't use any group of programs more than two hours per day.
3. Don't use brainwave entrainment more than four times per week, unless the instructions specifically contradict this.

Many of you are going to want to disregard these guidelines based on your enjoyment and/or fascination with the results, but there is a good reason to follow my guidelines. That reason is that using this sort of program too much will train your brain to stay in specific frequencies or bands of frequencies more than it should, and can result in some very undesirable side effects.

Perhaps the most popular brainwave entrainment programs are those that deal with Alpha and Theta. Training your brain to remain in these states for too long can cause you to develop difficulty focusing, which can in turn impair you in other ways. The results look a lot like ADD, and I theorize that too much Theta actually causes ADD.

So, please use brainwave entrainment programs responsibly, and do not overuse them.