People who ask me that question invariably have it in their heads that smoking is an entirely physical addiction, and that nicotine is not just the most addictive substance known to man, but impossible to break the grasp of.

The truth is, nicotine is extremely addictive, but not very difficult to break the grasp of at all. The real problem behind the epidemic of cigarette smoking isn't the addictiveness of nicotine, or the difficulty breaking it's grasp, it's the social hypnosis that is going on. The universally accepted belief that it is so hard to quit, that XYZ always happens when you try, and that you must fail several times and suffer while doing it before you have a chance to succeed.

I hear this on the radio all the time. Commercials for the Florida Tobacco Quit Line even repeat these falsehoods. It's pretty bad when even the people who want to help you quit smoking - including doctors - are actually helping you stay addicted by repeating and reinforcing your false beliefs that it must be difficult. (For more about social hypnosis concerning smoking, please see my FAQ entry about social hypnosis in the Stop Smoking section.)

The proof is in the pudding. If subliminal stop smoking programs can work, then if they are properly scripted, built and used, they should work. I don't know about other stop smoking subliminals, but I do know that mine do work. I have seen them work again and again, even for the most resistant personalities. And they work by doing nothing more than changing what the person using them believes.

Imagine that. Quitting smoking effortlessly, without having to suffer withdrawal, anxiety, frustration, anger, irritability, weight gain or any of the rest. Just by slowly and gently changing what you believe. It sounds amazing, but I have seen it happen again and again, as long as the person follows the directions.

The real reason people have trouble quitting is their deep subconscious belief that quitting must be difficult - not because it is actually difficult. And my program deals with all those false beliefs that hold you in place, slowly, gently and effortlessly allowing you to quit without any of the negatives.

My stop smoking program is scripted based on literally years of research and interviewing smokers about why they smoke, why they try to quit, and why they fail when they try. What other stop smoking subliminal can make that claim?

It has been said that the program I created for this is the best and most effective way to stop smoking in the world. And after what I have seen, I don't disagree.