There are many reasons a subliminal is a superior solution for breast size increase or decrease over surgery, and a few where surgery is better.

A subliminal is a better choice because...

* It does not introduce the risk of infection, because there is no breaking the skin.
* It does not risk death, as surgery or anaesthetic can do.
* There is no surgical pain involved.
* There is no need for expensive and potentially addictive painkillers.
* There is no time or productivity lost while you recover, because there is no recovery needed.
* Nobody needs to know you are trying to increase your breast size.
* You don't have to expose your breasts to strangers.
* Subliminal breast enlargement is all natural, and remains safe forever. Implants may rupture or become dislodged.
* Subliminal breast enlargement always looks natural, because it always is natural. This will increase your value to the men you attract, and your status and respect amongst your female friends.
* Subliminal breast enlargement is significantly less expensive than surgery.
* If you are decreasing your breasts, they will not return to their previous size with subliminal size decrease, as they commonly do with surgery. This means that many women who get surgical breast reductions must have it done more than once, and sometimes even periodically. Not so for subliminal breast size decrease.

So when is surgery a better choice? Not very often:

* If subliminal breast enlargement is resisted.
* If subliminal breast enlargement works for you, but you do not have the natural capacity to increase your breasts to the size you want them to be.