1. Our subliminals producer started in this field back in 1993, and has been making his living doing nothing else since 2005. He is very experienced.

2. Our subliminals producer is extremely knowledgeable about the subconscious mind and how to interact with and influence it using subliminals specifically. He understands how it must be approached differently with subliminals than hypnosis, NLP or other mind programming methods. This is extremely important for creating effective, safe and useful subliminals that actually work.

3. Our subliminals are the best out there. But since everyone else will tell you the same thing, we don't bother to say so; instead, we simply provide you with the tools to prove it for yourself. That means we offer free full versions of some of our programs, as well as a live uncensored forum in which you are welcome to post your genuine experiences with the programs. We only moderate the forum to prevent spamming and flame wars and foster a community feel. We also...

4. Have the best refund policy in the industry. Simply stated, our refund policy is as follows. If you use a program you purchased from us according to the directions, and it does not work to your satisfaction, you have 180 days from the day you finish using it according to the instructions to request a refund, which will be issued to you upon review of your case, but usually within a few days at most. Our refund policy is sane, reasonable and doesn't make false promises. Instead, it goes far beyond what others offer, while remaining realistic.

5. Because our subliminals work better. You can read our forums to see that this is true.

6. We are constantly doing research and development to improve our programs, techniques, methods and technologies. The result is that...

7. We employ several unique technologies and methods nobody else can offer, including metascripting, the naturalizer, HyperSpeed Technology, Self Optimizing Scripting, the Optimus Engine, MaxSpeed technology, with others being developed all the time.

8. Our subliminals are typically best in class for speed of results. To the best of our knowledge, nobody else can develop or create subliminals that work as fast as our 4th and 5th Gen subliminals do. Some of our programs are designed to - and actually do - produce obvious results in just hours, or even minutes.

9. We offer direct and indirect technical support and assistance through our forum and e-mail. On our forum, you can interact with and ask questions of our subliminals creator himself, and usually get answers in a day or so. If he is unavailable for some reason, we have a knowledgeable staff and many experienced users who will do their best to be of assistance also.

10. Because we produce subliminals that actually give you more value than you pay for, even though ours are typically the most expensive in the world. The best never comes cheap. We couldn't possibly charge these prices and stay in business of we did not have the best of the best to offer you.