Because chances are excellent that you don't know how to properly script them, even if you know how to properly create them. Scripting subliminals safely and effectively is not like conversational speech, and even if you happen to be trained in hypnosis or NLP you may not be aware of all the quirks of how to properly, safely and effectively script a subliminal.

Sure, you could look at my published scripts and try to reverse engineer what I do and how I do it, but even if you succeeded, the resulting program would not be as safe, effective and useful as one I created because the published scripts - while they are the entirety of what most subliminal producers use - are only a part of what I use for my whole script.

In my scripts, there is always a metascript, which affects how the main script is interpreted and responded to by your subconscious mind. I also use a number of advanced (and exclusive) technologies in my scripts, which I have discovered through many years of testing, experimentation, research and development.

Additionally, you will not find anything that matches or even comes close to my 4th or 5th Generation build technology.

So even if you do somehow manage to create (or copy) a script that is safe, effective and useful, you cannot build it into a program as powerful, fast acting and effective as I do.

Making a mistake in your script, when it comes to subliminals, is not a small matter. You can cause yourself or someone else serious issues. Here's an example. When I got started making subliminals, I made a simple, innocent mistake in my self confidence program. The result? It turned me into a raging jerk, and I lost my girlfriend and alienated my mother for months. In the grand scheme of things, the mistake that I made that day was very small, but cost me dearly. More serious mistakes could have been much more expensive. I was very fortunate to have only had such a minor mistake before I learned how to safely script subliminals.

I see constantly people using ridiculously bad scripts for their self-made efforts, and then either causing themselves issues or not getting the results they wanted. It's no wonder! The other day I watched someone use a script for a home-made "stop smoking" program that was so bad it actually frightened me. I asked where he'd gotten it. "The Internet!" he said, proudly. By the time I got done pointing out what was wrong with that script, he was more than ready to leave it to the experts.

I have been scripting mind programming since 1992, and subliminals specifically since 2005. Thousands of people around the world have used my subliminals successfully, and get great results. My programs are always created with the goal of being safe, useful and effective. Safety always comes first.

Don't take the chance and learn the hard way. Rely on a trusted, experienced expert for your subliminal programs. Rely on me. Rely on Indigo Mind Labs.