No. In fact I designed it to be absolutely invisible to people who are not using, making or distributing pirated copies, and I would not be surprised if those the copy protection is working on can't see it either. But it's there, and it's doing something.

I am not stupid. I know that I don't like intrusive copy protection on things I paid for, and I know that most people are not going to pirate my subliminals. I would rather keep my customers happy than try to make draconian copy protection that works 100% of the time. So while I know there will be some people foolish enough to pirate my programs even though I have copy protection in place, I would rather not upset those who were decent enough to pay for theirs and let the pirates think they've won.

So, the copy protection is virtually invisible. Doubtless many people pirating them will think it doesn't work, but it does. If you get results from the program, the copy protection will work as well. But if you're using or exposed to a program that's not pirated, you have no reason to be concerned. And if you are concerned, just pay for the program you're benefitting from and stop pirating the programs.