To get the best results from these programs, you must calibrate the volume properly. To do that is simple:

Step 1. Using the same setup you will be using to play your programs normally, position yourself as you would normally be while listening to the program.

For example, if you plan to use the programs over speakers in your bedroom while you sleep, you will want to perform calibration while you are laying in your bed. If you want to use your laptop speakers, you should be wherever you will be while your laptop is playing the program. If you want to use headphones or ear buds, you must calibrate while using them. And so on.

Step 2. Play the Trickling Stream track (if your program has one) and adjust the volume to a comfortable level for you while you are in your expected usage placement.

Step 3. Play the Ocean Surf track, and if necessary, adjust the volume so that you can hear the lowest volume areas at least faintly still, while the loudest parts are not too loud. If you cannot do both, favor being able to hear the lowest volume areas at least faintly.

Step 4: This should be the appropriate volume at which to play all three tracks. However, if you find that the ultrasonic track is still too loud, and you prefer to use the ultrasonic track, lower the volume in small increments until the volume is comfortable. Make sure the volume is always above 10%.