Both of these programs are designed to be used after you have run through the Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set fully according to the directions at least once. Both require that as a basis upon which to build what they are attempting to accomplish, and they will not give you the desired results without that basis.

Sex Magnet is designed to take the results of AM and extend it into a specifically and decidedly sexual direction, as well as make you extremely attractive to women sexually, make it easy for you to seduce women, and make women try to seduce you into having sex with them. It does not include fear destruction, so if you are afraid of women, or sex, it may be best to use Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear for 90 days first, or use Woman Magnet instead. Sex Magnet is built in 4th Generation format.

Woman Magnet is designed to take the results of the Alpha Male Subliminal Training Set and adjust and extend it such that you become the social playboy type of alpha. This type of alpha is out there to enjoy socializing, and to him, women are not a requirement or a sexual conquest, but instead, people to enjoy the company of and have fun with. Woman Magnet is designed to make the man able to achieve anything he desires with the women he encounters, from simple conversation to sex, as he chooses. It is built in 5th Generation build format, and includes the script of Overcoming Guilt, Shame and Fear.