That depends on how you use it, your personality type and what your specific reasons for being overweight happen to be.

Some personalities are more complex or resistant than others, and some people have very complex reasons for being overweight. Not everyone will achieve their ideal weight using this program. Some people experience a "brick wall effect", which is where they achieve a certain amount of weight loss and then stop, regardless of what they try to do about it.

The brick wall effect is generated by subconscious fears, and more specifically, subconscious fear based feedback loops. In every case I have encountered so far and analyzed using hypnosis, the blockage has been a fear of (X) and (not X) at the same time. For instance, one woman was afraid of being attractive (because she was afraid of being raped again) and also of not being attractive (because it prevented her from getting the attention from men that she wanted). These feedback loops can trigger paralysis, and result in the brick wall effect.

Most people do not have this problem, and will achieve their ideal weight without issue. The average weight loss for such people is typically up to 50 pounds.

People who need to lose more than 50 pounds may or may not experience a brick wall effect. Our subliminal is designed to dismantle the causes for the brick wall effect, but in some cases, it may require a hypnotherapist or counseling to overcome or dismantle the fear based feedback loops that create and maintain the brick wall effect.

People who experience the brick wall effect typically lose between 12 and 30 pounds, and it is usually obvious that they need to lose more to achieve their ideal weight.

If you do not experience the brick wall effect, then the sky is the limit. The program is designed to trigger 3 pounds of weight loss per week, to maintain a safe and permanent result, so a maximum of 144 pounds per year is possible for weight loss.

The weight loss program is designed to have a limit beyond which you cannot lose any more weight, and that limit is determined by a special algorithm that causes your subconscious mind to calculate your own ideal weight by considering such factors as your height, build, and gender. You cannot go below your ideal weight using this program, because as soon as you achieve your ideal weight, you will automatically enter maintenance mode.